Lifetime License

Upon purchase of this product, you will receive a LIFETIME LICENSE of HRD 6.X.  You only need to purchase once and you will have full use HRD 6.X forever. The lifetime license comes with a 1 year support and upgrade subscription. Renewal of your support subscription is optional. Your license will continue to be valid for the last release of 6.x that you downloaded. Without renewal of the support subscription, no further upgrades or updates will become available to your license.

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HRD Release Open Beta. Fixes for DM-780- Winkey 1, 2 and 3, and Supersweeper and AFC.
Release date 10/02/2014

HRD 6.2.72 Release.
(30 day demo included with 30 days support)
Release date 09/05/2014

HRD 6.2.7 Release Notes

HRD 6.2 Manual

6.2.72 updated feature set 

*     Fault on connection with IP logging enabled fixed.

*      Norton 360 fix

*      LOTW upload and download fix

*     ODBC fix for install.

*    Winkey 3 fix

1.       FT-1200 Support

2.       OMNI VI support

3.       HRD Voice

4.       updated Label-maker

5.       ADX support

6.       FT-767 GX II support

7.       Support for IC-9100 in Satellite mode to use VFO B.

8.       Added WA9PIE-2 cluster support

9.       Unicode support

10.   Moved code to Visual Studio 2013, which decreased load time of programs

11.   Improved K3 and KX3 support

12.   Support for the Flex 6700 with SmartSDR

13.   Better Windows 8.1 support

14. Yaesu SCU-17 support

15. Orion KY keyer support

16. ClubLog support

17. New Dstar Icom radio support ID-3 and ID-5

18. FSK fixes (updated)

19. PSK Reporter fixes

20. Logbook and Cluster fixes

21. Radio Control fixes, Kenwood, Yaesu, and more

22. IC-9100  Dual VFO Satellite Support

23.  Fixes for LOTW

24. Logbook fixes

25. Icom A/B and QSX fixes

26. Line colors based on WSI in the logbook

27. ID-5100 support

28. updated license manager

29. RC fix for VCP ports...

30. Multiple QSO's on a single label.

31. Make your own QSL

32. Alinco supportm DX SR8/9, DX77

32. HRD WSI Filters

33. Support for rotors controled by CAT in the FTDX Series of radios.


6.2.X Release Notes 

How to use HRD Voice

6.X Registration Information

If you have not received your key after one business day, then please email us at

Include your callsign and order number.

HRD Flex Setup PDF Updated 2/27/2013
HRD Flex Setup PDF

Support Files
Windows 8.X ODBC issue

Access Error
PDF for Fix for Windows 8.X, Click here

Version 6.X QRZ XML Lookup Setup

Added Features to HRD 6.0 from HRD 5.X Click Here