HRD Support

Help for ALL HRD users is available in one form or another.  There are two separate levels of support.  There is support for those who have a paid subscription for support and updates and there is support for those who are non-subscription holders. 

Before requesting support on any level,  please check the FAQ page.  It has been updated with many of the questions support has received on a regular bases.  We will continue to update this page as necessary.

Paid Telephone Support

Monday – Friday 10am – 9pm Eastern Time

During support hours the phones are usually very busy.  We do have caller ID and an answering machine in case the line is busy when you call.  If you do call and get the answering machine PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE giving your CALL SIGN, NAME, PHONE NUMBER and a brief description of your issue.

Phone Numbers: 1-(813)-413-4090


Non-Subscription Support

Non-Subscription support is available from our peer-to-peer sources at:


NOTE: The HRD support team doesnt monitor forums on a regular basis

Paid Subscription Support

There are several options available for paid subscription holders.  You can receive support via e-mail,  our support ticket system,  telephone,  or when necessary we can connect directly to your computer to provide assistance solving an issue.

E-Mail Support

E-mail support is available through different departments depending on your needs.  Please use the list below to direct your questions to the proper department.  In your e-mail, please include the following, your call sign and name in ALL e-mails.  In those directed to technical support, include your Windows version, your radio type, how it is interfaced to the computer, HRD Version and a detailed description of the issue.  Screenshots are also helpful if you can provide them.

Please allow 1 to 2 business days for responses

Technical Support:

Sales/Key Issues:

Support Tickets

Support tickets are the most effective way to obtain support.  The main reason is it’s much easier for us to keep track of what is going on with an issue.  There is a link at the bottom of each communication that allows you to respond to us directly within the support ticket system,  via the ticket number assigned to your issue.  PLEASE USE THIS LINK WHEN RESPONDING TO OUR ANSWERS!!!

 This helps keep track of every message much easier than trying to keep track of many individual e-mails.  The support ticket system can be accessed by clicking the link below.  Be sure to provide all information, including your name, call sign, windows version, HRD version and a detailed description of the issue.  This saves back and forth messages trying to get this information in order to help diagnose your problem.


Direct e-mails referencing Support Tickets which have been started WILL NO LONGER BE RESPONDED TO.

It becomes very confusing to track Support Ticket communications when one response is sent via the ticket system and another is sent via e-mail.

There is a LINK provided near the bottom of the Support Ticket message threads to use to respond within the system.  USE THIS LINK,

DO NOT RESPOND VIA DIRECT E-MAIL, when using the Support Ticket system to report problems.

Thank You

HRD Support


Support Tickets System: 

Open a Ticket

Please allow 1 business day for responses

Remote Connection

There may be times when we need to remote into your computer to assist you with a problem.  Some people are hesitant to allow this, however there are times there is no other way for our support staff to find the cause of the issue.  We want to assure people the software we use is totally secure and leaves no back-doors or other means of connecting to your computer once our troubleshooting session is complete.  We will NEVER do a remote connection if someone is not available at your keyboard during the entire session.  This is for two reasons.  #1 you can see exactly what we are doing when we are connected to your computer, and 2. There may be times when we need you to make an adjustment or change a menu option in your radio which we can’t do via the remote connection.  In any case, you have full control over the session.  We are connected ONLY to help you fix the issue.