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  • QSO Relay Contact Forwarding for JTAlertX and Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook v6.x and FT8 and JT modes

    Editorial de Mike, WA9PIE; HRD Software, LLC

    We here at HRD Software would like to extend a great deal of gratitude to Chris Fredericks, VK2BYI. QSO Relay provides functionality at a very important and fast moving time in ham radio. QSO Relay enables Ham Radio Deluxe users to enjoy the benefits provided by JTAlert and WSJT-X for digital modes such as JT65, JT9, and a mode that has taken the ham radio community by storm - FT8.

    Chris worked with us patiently to sort out problems with our API to make this happen. Chris gave us permission to reproduce his instructions on how to setup QSO Relay with JTAlert and WSJT-X to enable Ham Radio Deluxe users to enjoy these digital modes and log FT8 QSOs into Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook AUTOMATICALLY. Please enjoy these instructions.

    Visit the VK2BYI webpage at

    Hams ask me the following question often, "Does Ham Radio Deluxe support FT8?" Through his efforts, Chris has made this possible for Ham Radio Deluxe users. We're very grateful.

    Thank you, Chris!

  • Update on the year 2017 thus far

  • Looking back at Dayton 2017

    After returning from Dayton, there are a few things in-motion.

    First of all - thanks to all who came by our booth at Dayton. We enjoyed meeting everyone and you made our weekend successful. We also appreciate all the positive energy and well-wishes. We're very grateful for that.

    On Friday (2-June), we moved our website and webstore to UltraCart. UltraCart is one of the best eCommerce webstore environments on the Internet. It gives us greater stability, availability, and is able to integrate directly with our license servers, the maker of our CDs, and other merchandise partners. Customers who purchase software will receive their license key in their purchase receipt and - if they buy a CD - the CD will be manufactured and shipped directly from a fulfillment partner within 24 hrs.

    All of this is for the purposes of being more responsive to our customers.