Ham Radio Deluxe Video Overview

This video is a general overview of the features of Ham Radio Deluxe. More videos are available on our YouTube channel. These videos demonstrate the changes and improvements that have been added to Ham Radio Deluxe since 2012. For example - there are videos on the YouTube channel demonstrating RTTY/FSK, new awards tracking, worked status indicators (WSI), strategies for log backup and recovery, a video quick-start guide, and more. If there are additional videos that you would be interested in seeing, please let us know via out online forums.

Those of us at HRD Software are always agreeable to join your club meetings upon request to do product demonstrations for you via Skype. We've done several of these and they have always worked out well. These meetings are often a great source of feedback for us and they generate great ideas for future product feature enhancements.

There are five modules within Ham Radio Deluxe. These modules are applications that are designed to work together. Detailed Ham Radio Deluxe descriptions are found on the following pages: