• Ham Radio Deluxe Software
    The premier software suite for ham shack automation.
  • Find It!
    HRD takes you to the DX you need to work
  • Control It!
    Computerized Rig Control
  • Work It!
    Digital modes, CW, or Phone - HRD has you covered
  • Log It!
    Multi-user logbook functions with powerful features for DXers
  • Aim for It!
    Automatic rotor control
  • Track It!
    Sunspot low?  Work through Satellites

Ham Radio Deluxe Logging Software Amateur Radio's Best Asset

Logbook, Rotor and Rig Control, Digital Modes, Satellite Tracking

In A Single Integrated Software Suite

Download Ham Radio Deluxe and Try It before you Buy It!

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The Ham Radio Deluxe Software Suite is the best asset you can add to your hamshack. It includes the following for ham radio operators:

  • HRD Logbook is a feature rich amateur contact log with powerful features for awards tracking, DX cluster, QSL card printing, integrated to rig control, and more; if you're an extreme DXer, a DXCC fan, or enjoy casual DXing, Logbook is a real keeper
  • HRD Rig Control is a software program that has the appearance of being connected to a software defined radio (SDR); integrated to QSO logging
  • DM-780 is a digital modes software program that includes RTTY, PSK31, CW send/receive, and many more; integrated to QSO logging
  • HRD Rotor Control is a software program that supports most popular rotator controllers
  • HRD Satellite Tracking is a software program that makes your 2-way satellite communications much easier and includes integrated rig control

To learn more about Amateur Radio, please visit this link to the ARRL article - What is Ham Radio? or visit a ham radio retail outlet or local ham radio club.

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