Ham Radio Deluxe Satellite Tracking Software with Radio Control (CAT)

Ham Radio Deluxe’s Satellite Tracking module takes the guesswork out of satellite operations. Using the latest orbital mechanics equations and up-to-the-minute Keplerian element information downloaded from a variety of trusted sources, you can predict satellite passes with confidence. Customizeable visualization keep you apprised of the satellite’s foot print, projected path, and predicted elevation for given passes. A real-time link to Google Earth allows one to see what the satellite “sees” as it flies overhead – great for presentations!

Real-time tracking feeds azimuth and elevation information directly to rotator control for automated positioning of satellite antenna systems. Satellite Tracking automatically calculates Doppler shift for the satellite’s transponders and sends tuning data to Rig Control, keeping your radio locked in the transponder’s passband.

The Ham Radio Deluxe Satellite Tracking application can track communications satellites through the cycles of their earth orbit. Enjoy tracking satellites and conduction QSOs with other hams on the international space station or using amateur radio satellites.

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Interface with Rotator Control for automatic Az/El positioning of antennas
  • Automatic tuning for Doppler shift
  • Download Keplerian elements for active satellites from web sources
  • Next pass prediction

Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) Satellite Tracking Screen

Ham Radio Deluxe Satellite Tracking Screen